Fire Boy and Water Girl 4: Crystal Temple

About the Game: Fire Boy and Water Girl 4 in the Crystal Temple

Fire Boy and Water Girl 4 in the Crystal Temple

Can you quickly and immediately called the pair's most famous friends in the world? Tom and Jerry, Chip and Dale, and, of course, Fire and Water. Maybe these guys are not as popular of cartoon characters, but since you can only talk about the cartoons. Because in the virtual world of the game Fire and Water are very popular. Today you will see the game online Fire and Water Crystal Temple, which is incredibly like you from the first seconds. The game takes so dynamic, unpredictable and exciting that you can not keep the emotion that will certainly be the case and to overcome you with every step perfect.

We offer a closer look with the main participants of game. So, Fire and Water - a fellow, but not only they are the best friends in the world, who are united by strong ties of such a wonderful feeling, like friendship. These guys also love to travel. They are interested in all the unknown, all the mysteries that have not been disclosed, today appear before them clear and pure as a tear of the child. But in order to reveal all the secrets, you must first still like to try. Of course, it will be difficult, but that interest in the game will only increase, fueling your desire to win, to come to a solution as soon as possible.

Since Fire and Water can not live a single day without traveling, without having to not learn something new, they also went today into one inconspicuous place. It - Crystal Temple. What is so interesting is fraught fortress? Firstly, the lock is not elsewhere, and underground. As it so happened that the fortress covered with many layers of the earth. Now I understand why no one else here does not come. Even finding this place is not so simple, and to spend time in this castle - it is generally a separate conversation. So, we come to the second reason caused to the temple of interest in friends. Since its location - under the ground at every step rampant fear, danger, darkness, and the impenetrable darkness of the indescribable. Not afraid? Then start playing as soon as possible, because after pressing the start button you will appear exactly at the Crystal Temple, where you have to puzzle over how to help our heroes get out of such a sinister place.

The music in this game plays a significant role. Music is as ominous as the atmosphere that reigns here. But that's just fine, because the rhythm emphasizes the benefit status of the player, thus giving even more inexpressible emotions. You can kerf sound on all cylinders, and can play music quietly with headphones - in any case, the effect is incredible.

Once the game starts, you have to make a choice. You have to decide what tour now send. Total available to choose from four different tour. And only then you will see the cave - something dark and sinister place that were friends. Alternatively, you can go through all the stages in the order queue - do as your heart desires, it will be interesting anyway.

Trying to find a way out of the situation, we must remember that you also have to perform a number of minor, but important tasks. For example, girls and boys need to collect crystals. Find the stones do not have to, because they will literally lie under their feet. It will only have to bend down and get one or the other crystal. But here be very careful. Immediately draws attention to the fact that the colored stones in the game. Thus, there are red and blue crystals. Remember that fire can take the red rocks and water - blue. These colors represent the colors of the elements. Do not confuse. Also consider that you will control both characters at the same time, so try to get the hand to this art immediately.

No dangers here can not do. What is a barrier for our brave boys? And this is - lake. And mind you, that one of the lake for a single character is a lifeline, while another - a deadly place. Again, be very careful here. The game will be two types of lakes - with red and blue water. So, here's all the same, as well as crystals. Water can pass blue lakes, and fire - red. If our heroes will drop into the water, which does not suit them in color, all down the drain - I think that you ruined one of the heroes. The main thing is do not mix up - only in this case, you can count on a favorable outcome.

The essence of the game is to collect all the crystals and get out. At the same time mind you, that the first is not possible without the second. And we are talking about the next. For example, if you get to the exit, but it will not do you no hands required number of stones, you simply can not get out of the game. The same applies to the time when you gather all the crystals, but can not find cherished door that leads to freedom. Here, everything is interconnected, and only clear errors will help you get out of the trap.

Beware of lakes of different colors - hearken to all the rules described above. Remember that this is not a joke, but a real game that can end up very bad, if you proignoriruesh past game rules for you. If you still please everyone Water, for example, in Red Lake, the game will end immediately. More precisely, you have to say goodbye to the heroine, and with it the Game Over. And here comes one of the saddest moments - as soon as this happens, you should understand that there is no automatic saving of the game does not exist. You'll have to start all over again. This means that the achievements obtained by the previously erased and can be reduced to zero. But it is very easy to fix - just need to be careful and watch their heroes, like the apple of the eye.

Managing the game is simple and is carried out using the keyboard. For a start switch key into English and remember the following key combinations. For example, the buttons W, A, S, D work in the direction of the operation of Water. That is, with the help of these buttons you can manipulate water. With fire, everything is much easier. To manage this hero must be guided by the buttons, which are drawn arrows.

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