Fire Boy and Water Girl 3: Ice Temple

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Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 in the Ice Temple

Do you miss adventure? For a long time I was not in the journey? Well, this question is even better. The more you need to do a little, a lot, and just run the game Fire and Water Ice Temple. As the name implies, it is not only fun, but also cold. Well, if you have the window is now forty-plus - then this toy will be a great chance to cool off. Ice Temple - this is no joke, and adventures that will absorb you with his head. You will like what you see on your computer screen in a couple of minutes ... or seconds - it depends on the time, but when you finally run the game and start to rubilovo based on the proceeds of trouble girls and boys who are the protagonists of game.

And the adventures of our heroes unforgettable and unpredictable again. After starting the toy you are moved to the Ice Temple, where Fire and Water has long stay to explore every square centimeter of space. Your help is absolutely necessary, because without you guys any life does not get out of the trap. Although, of course, they do get here, at his own request. Therefore blame fate that threw fire and water in the distant distances useless. Guys for that fought for it and ran, as they say. But it is not nothing left but to help the guy and the girl to get out of the temple, covered with ice.

As expected, today on your shoulders rests the responsibility for the management of the heroes. What should be doing guys? Their task - to find a way out. But never in my life guys can not get out of here, if you do not collect the required number of crystals. And then the fun begins, because you need to be very careful to perform this seemingly simple task at first glance.

But the catch lies in the following. During the adventure you need to collect crystals - it's a fact. The question is, what type of crystals to collect, because at the level shown as blue and red stones. Perhaps some do not lift? The answer is simple - you need to collect all the crystals, but not every character can do it. More precisely, each character can restock only those stones that fit his element. Simply put, the Fire can take the red rocks, because it is his color, and water - blue for the same reason. It is impossible not to pick up the crystals belong to you - remember that once and for all.

You also need to be very careful when faced with obstacles. It is noteworthy - that would kill a character, do not bring absolutely no harm to the second. How can this be? Again, it's simple. The fact that the game has two types of obstacles - fire and water. It is not difficult to guess that the first may dispose of the boy because he is the Fire, and the second - the girl because she is Water. With the ability to overcome obstacles with which they are mastered, a boy and a girl at the same time can not work with targets, calculated on a comrade. That is if water gets into the element of fire, it immediately evaporates. With Fire happens the same trouble - he put out when released into the watery element. A loss of one of the heroes promises instant end of the game - that's why it's so important to keep both characters to the end of the game. On the other hand, nothing bad will happen if you start from scratch, however, note that in this case you would be at the origin of past game empty-handed - all your achievements and successes will be reset. Even in this sense, we have to start all over again.

Adventures Fire and Water in the Ice Temple is very interesting and unusual. There are some nuances that make the game even more attractive. As soon as our heroes find themselves in the fortress of ice, then start to operate its own rules. Fire reason can without too much trouble to move around inside the temple - he feels here like at home, slipping on icy floors. Although it is quite strange, because the ice is inherently more suited to the water, which, unfortunately, the same can not simply move around the fortress. Poor and then slows down and falls. Without the help of the Fire girl never do in life! This is where the importance and mutual assistance.

With regard to the extending a helping hand to each other. If two characters in the same time will be on the ice, they can not jump, or thin crust will break, and then both characters find themselves in an unenviable situation, and your game will happen Game Over. But how well Fire and Water rescue each other, and it is very well seen in the walls of the Ice Temple. As soon as the boys stumble upon a place where the water is frozen, and as you already know, on a surface of a girl can not go, then fire with the help of his power melts the surface, giving the green light to his girlfriend. The same applies to places where water is not completely stilled. The girl in this situation moves without any problem, but a fire can happen collapse, because he goes out. Water then feeds its power area and decreasing degrees and indoors, thus turning into ice water and allowing to move further Fire.

In the game you will see a tree showing the map. This is done to make you easier to navigate the level. Thus, you will know what to expect from a particular regime. In this version of the past game there are two types of the passing game. Map in the form of a hexagon says that in such a mode of action unfolding on the speed. That is, you have to hurry up to perform all tasks quickly and just as quickly reach the exit. I do not have time - lose. Everything is simple and clear. If you're wondering how much time is available to perform a specific mission, go to the game and click the button "Show time". Thus, you will know the number of minutes allocated to perform a particular task. Map in a triangle indicates that here you will work immediately on two fronts, by controlling both characters at the same time. In this regard, the gameplay somewhat simplified, since the function control two characters synchronously in itself is not easy.

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