Fire Boy and Water Girl 2: Light Temple

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Fire Boy and Water Girl 2 in the Light Temple

The best friend in the world - Fire and Water - never sitting still. At least, no one ever did not see them, so they sat around. Today's game Fire and Water Bright Temple will take you to the next adventure, in which children are sent. Deeds is a great deal - are you ready for this? Then go ahead! Game promises to be an unforgettable and unbelievable fun. Light Temple - this is one of the fortresses, which had planned to visit our friends. And they succeeded - dreams come true! Fire and Water today go towards an unforgettable emotions - add


This version of the game is not much different from the previous games. However, there is also its innovation. At the very least, the place of action will be different. But there are key rules that accompany all versions of the toys. It refers to collecting the crystals. Here you need to be very careful. The crystals are literally lying under your feet at every level. They are so different and so similar at the same time. Yes, all the pebbles on the same form. But they differ in color. At each level, you will see the crystals of blue and red colors. Remember that red crystals can choose Fire, and blue - water. Accordingly, our heroes can not collect stones that do not fit them in color.

Among the obstacles also have their differences. Thus, the barrier serves as a fire and water. As strange as it sounds, but our friends are really afraid of opposing elements. It is so strange and wonderful at the same time, because it proves that nothing can disturb their friendship. And even on the contrary - the guys constantly help each other, helping to overcome some obstacle. But if the fire still falls into the water, he was immediately extinguished. And the water in contact with the fire will evaporate. Thus, it is possible to lose the main characters. If you are, of course, will not be attentive. Reciprocity - that is the basic principle of winning the game. Helping each other, our friends are not afraid of any element! Just helping each other will give you confidence in the next step.

However, too loudly declare like no sense, because there is still the one and only abyss that can suck and Fire, and Water. We are talking about the marshes, where there is a huge amount at each level. If previously our friends can help each other out, each passing through their obstacle, in this case, they were never able to help, even you. Because green swamp instantly absorbs a couple of friends, and then it ends sadly.

Of course, much should not be upset, because it's still a game, however, the characters just need to take care of. In such situations, if there is to swamp the way, do not send it to friends, but just try to press down. If you land in green goo, you lose your character, and with it the entire game, which took place before that date. Of course, everything can start over, but know that all your progress will not be saved. Therefore, you will be in the beginning of the game, repeating the steps already undertaken again and again. But then again, this will not happen if you're careful and cautious. Jump over the swamp - and no trouble with you do not happen to.

As soon as you run the game, start to try to manage a hero. And only when you walk with him a few levels, you can connect a second character. It does not matter who it is - first fire, then water, or vice versa. The main thing is to get the hand over control of the movement of each character individually gradually. These tips are here for a reason, and to facilitate the passing game. By the way, the toy will be considered passed at that moment, when you see a door on which the painted elements. Once the characters will have this output, you can be sure of their salvation - you managed to get on the freedom of a boy and a girl.

Since the game has a lot of levels of this skill, and they are all confused, you get acquainted with the available cards before the start of the test. There are four types of cards - hexagonal, triangular, diamond-shaped and, again, another hexagonal. Let's talk about the benefits and features of each type of game.

So, hexagonal map means that you should try to get to the door with the elements as soon as possible. Why? The answer is very simple - time is drastically limited. It turns out that if you do not have time to collect all the crystals and find the most cherished door for some minutes, your mission failed. Triangular card tells about the type of games where you have to manage and Fire, and Water at the same time. Given parallel control two characters at once a few rules of the game are simplified. When you see a diamond card, which means that here, on the contrary, the conditions of the game is incredibly complex. The diamond card says that at Level entirely absent light - there did not see anything. Of course, the gaps will be near the platform, but that first need to get to them to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. The second type of hexagonal card says that you for their release will have to find a green crystal, without which you can not see the victory as their ears.

Managing the game is simple and easy. It is necessary to switch the keyboard into English and remember the few burning keys. But remember that each of the characters is controlled differently. To drive the fire, you need to arm themselves with buttons, which are drawn arrows. With their help, you can move your character left, right, forward, and to raise the desired crystals. For water management need to arm themselves with the buttons W, S, A and D, which correspond to the same function.

As you can see - everything is simple and clear. Of course, you need a little practice to achieve the desired, that is victory. And remember the most important principle of toys - without reciprocity you've never accomplish the mission. Just helping each other you can expect a positive result.

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