Fire Boy and Water Girl 1: Forest Temple

About the Game: Fire Boy and Water Girl 1 in the Forest Temple

Fire Boy and Water Girl 1: Forest Temple

Who does not know the thick and thin? It is not a verse to which we are all accustomed. More precisely, about poetry, but here in the virtual context. If you - an avid player online games, the names of the brave boy and girl, the best and most loyal friends in the world, you know. Comrades travel all the time, they just love every day to come up with some new activity for leisure. Today was no exception, so you get in the game Fire and Water Forest Temple.

Online Games Fire and Water are famous, perhaps, all over the world. The reason for this is an unusual game. What is the essence of toys? For a start it should be noted that the game can be chopped in one person, however, he must realize that will run as soon as the two characters. Interesting, is not it? Are you ready for such versatility? I am sure if you are in your own abilities that you will have time to perform all tasks and follow with every step the two characters? If yes, then this game is just for you!

In addition to being on your shoulders rests the responsibility for the control characters, so also you must remember a few things, without which the game will fail. So, our heroes today are moving in the Forest Temple. Judging by the title, you can already assume that the castle, which sent Fire and Water, is located in a dense forest. This means that you should not count on an easy outcome. On the contrary - you expect such an adventure from which, quite possibly, the hair will stand on end and goose bumps crawling over the skin. Not scary? Then go ahead! Just remember some of the first rules of the game, so in the near future to show a runaway success.

The first element, with which you'll get to know this fire, which acts in the role of a boy. The second element of a good-natured, and this - water, for which the girl is playing. The guys are incredibly friendly, they are always ready to come to the rescue of each other. Moreover, without a clear interaction of all their efforts are in vain. After all, the game is designed to provide constant care. Otherwise, you can not expect to win.

What is the catch? In principle, there is no trick there, but there are rules that need to be remembered and taken into account during the game. When the journey begins, Fire and Water are required to collect crystals. At the same time remember that the stones in the game will be available two types. But not every character can collect all the crystals. Thus, the water intended only blue stones, whereas for Fire - red. Look, do not mix combination, otherwise'll pay for their bad effort.

The same applies to the obstacles. In the game you will see barriers among lava and water. As it was already possible to guess, afraid of water lava, and her partner - fire - water. Accordingly, the water can not pass through the lava and fire - through the water. What to do in such a situation? Let's face it - there is no need to reinvent the wheel, because it made a long time ago to you. So just follow the simple truth. Let Fire cope with those obstacles, to cope with which he is capable. And the share of waters leave those tests, which respectively account for her on the shoulder.

So you did not think that everything is so simple, you open a caveat. As in all these games online, the number of lives of our heroes is very limited. Every wrong move robs the character of one life. Remember that not raising their crystal or not pleasing in his element regarded as the rules of the game is wrong move. What result? That's right - the loss of life. Do I need to you to take risks and without disabilities? Indeed, there is no need to do it, so be careful - only in this case, you can expect a positive result.

Remember that there are obstacles which pose a threat to the two characters at the same time. So, if you can cope with lava Fire and water - water, that is, things that can not handle one of them. We are talking about the marshes. Be especially wary of those horrible green lakes, or they zasosut our heroes on one, two, three, and then you have to bite your elbows, starting a game again without saving the previous achievements.

Enter the characters in the game should be gradual. To get started and play with water and only then Plug Fire. Or do the opposite - as you wish. The main thing is that the process is consistent. Otherwise, especially if you first play the game Fire and Water, you risk to get lost in the very first seconds. Such an alignment is not fit, so it follows the rules listed just above. Especially that without reciprocity here anywhere, and control both characters at the same time requires a stuffed hand.

The game has many levels of this skill. Each level ends in a special way. However, there is one thing in common among all the steps. This is the door. So, when you gather the required number of crystals, only then you can go on a search for the door. If done correctly, the output job is to stay safe and without any obstacles. Also, do not mix the door leading to freedom from some other door. On the one that you need, depicted elements - remember that to find the right exit.

To you it was easier to focus on each Level, the developers have taken care of the preparation of maps. Each level has a card designed as a tree. There you can see that the game is available Level three types of geometric shapes. The first type - a hexagon. The peculiarity of this kind of passing game is a limited time, that is, here it is necessary to throw all their energies to finding a speedy exit. The second type is a triangle. There is an emphasis on ease of passage leveled, but this is not just done. Indeed, in this type of toys is carried out parallel control two characters at once. As you can see - and easy and difficult at the same time. The third type - it is a rhombus. It is noteworthy that in this form of the game you will never in my life will not be able to get out of the forest temple, not before finding the green crystal. Each type of game unique. Choose what you like more, and start to be chopped. Or play a game of every type in a queue - unforgettable emotions and impressions you provided!

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